Effector Tilt

  • Hi All,
    Here is my problem while printing the one layer circle test.

    I believe it is effector tilt. During Autocalibration, I consistenly get a deviation between 0.010 to 0.020 microns. The worst I had was 0.035 microns. I manually checked the heights and added trigger corrections in the bed.g files. The maximum deviation from the nozzle was .08 mm.

    The bed and the horizontal extrusions are level. I use a titan direct drive on effector without part cooling fans. Here is the link to the effector design: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2068116

    I am using Haydn Huntley's magnetic arms and linear rails.

    When I center the machine on X,Y,Z=0, the nozzle's X, Y offset is 6 and 12 mm respectively. I use DC42 IR sensor and my bed surface is plain glass with matt black paper underneath. I get consistent trigger heights and I ran Russ Gries' probe repeatability test. It gave me around 10 microns as error. So, we can eliminate the sensor issue. The only thing that might be with the sensor is, it is offset at X=16 and Y=-20 from the nozzle (see pic). Such a high offset might not capture the effector tilt.

    I am stalled at this point. It will be great if someone can help me in this issue.

    BTW, David, when do you think the PCB effector will be released and what is the pricing?

    Thanks in Advance,

  • I'd be surprised if this were tilt using Haydns arms and magnets unless there is a mismatched pair of arm lengths, or a tower tilt, or an error in a carriage or effector.

    I'd agree its probably not the sensor as you have an evenly reflective surface, and I presume you'v measured trigger heights at various bed locations. That being said if the trigger heights are all the same then it can't be tilting? Try moving the sensor temporarily further away from the nozzle the added offset exaggerates the tilt making it easier to see.

    Have you got a laser pointer, strap it to the effector and mark the point where the laser projects onto a wall, with effector at bed centre. Move the effector around keeping Z the same and see if the dot is higher or lower. Re-position the laser pointer 90 degrees around Z and try again.

    It'll soon be obvious if its tilt. If it is then look for the mechanical cause. I have a similar setup but with metal carriages and effector and I can print a 300mm spiral at even height over the entire bed.

  • Thanks DJ for your reply. I too suspect the effector and carriages. My towers are 4040 extrusions and I have checked their perpendicularity. I checked the bed level with 250mm long spirit level to eliminate local effects. I checked the leveling of horizontal extrusions too.

    Just to make sure, I will measure the trigger height carefully again at various places from the sensor.

    I will do the laser pointer test and spirit level test too. Seems like a quick way to notice the tilt.

    I am currently looking at your water jet cut aluminium effector and carriage design. What plate thickness you are using?


  • I'll measure them later but its either 3 or 4mm.

    Although the PCB effector looks nice, so maybe lets wait until we see how much it will cost.

  • There are 3mm thick

  • Just make sure you're running the latest build of the 1.19beta if you're running 1.19. I had some problems I was fighting similar to this go away a few betas ago. I am using 6-factor auto-calibration and mesh bed leveling with a BLTouch.


  • Hi John, I use 1.18 firmware and 6-factor auto-calibration with 10 points for probing. Did you solve your problem?


  • Yes, my problem was solved by a couple things. First was manually leveling again to get it closer and second I had to implement probing offsets (H) in G30 to compensate for effector tilt/other geometric deficiencies. That was a trial and error process, but reading the print told me exactly what to do. You'll want to do the same. Based on your original picture, looks like you'll need to raise the nozzle off the bed at the X-tower probing point for starters. If I remember correctly that's a negative H offset in the auto-calibration point definition. I did have some issues where I was printing fine one minute and out of whack with high and low spots the next. I came to the conclusion it was a firmware issue.

    I'm running 1.19Beta11 and everything is performing well now. I don't even have to baby step it 🙂

  • Hi John, Thanks for the tips.

    I have not tried 1.19 Beta 11 firmware and manual leveling. How do you do that? It will be of great help if you can elaborate the steps for manual leveling in the 1.19 firmware.

    Probing offsets, I am aware of and I will try them in G30.

    Hope your solution works for me. Thanks in advance.

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