Confusion on multiple Probes RRF 3.2

  • in the patch notes it states :
    "If you configure a Z probe using multiple M558 commands instead of a single one, you must make sure that only the first one has a P parameter. This is because M558 with a P parameter now sets default values before processing the other parameters of the M558 command."

    My Config file has the following. :

    ; Z probes
    M558 K0 P8 C"^" T18000 A5 H5 R0.2 S0.01 F600 B1 ;
    G31 K0 P500 X0 Y25 Z2.557 ; inductive probe offset,

    M558 K1 P8 C"^zstop" T18000 H5 R0.2 S0.005 F120 A10 B0 ;
    G31 K1 P500 X0 Y0 Z0.730 ; Z switch offset

    If on the second M558 command I remove the P8, when I do a G30 I get an error message of
    "Error: in file macro line 47: G30: Z probe 1 not found"

    So I do not understand the patch note of only having one with a P parameter, or am I doing something incorrect in my M558 commands ?

  • @Jarery "If you configure a Z probe using multiple M558 commands..."

    I.e. it is saying if you split the definition of a single Z probe over multiple M558 commands, it is only the first one that needs the P parameter.

    You have two Z probes, so the note doesn't apply and you need to specify the pin for both. Maybe it could be a bit clearer...

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