Probe output wiring (NPN Inductive)

  • Hello guys i got a realy quick Question "i hope".

    I got my Probe NPN running with 24V and use a Relai to switch the 3.3V from the Board to the Pin that need that 3.3V as Signal.
    Now i got the Wiring Diagramm for the Duet Wifi open and don't know the Pin for the Signal.

    Is it: Z_PROBE_MOD or Z_PROBE_IN?

    I tryed already Z_PROBE_IN but i don't wanna destroy the Board so i hope you can help me to prevent me from that. 🙂

    By the way this is the Code i entered (Mode 5):
    M558 P5 X0 Y0 Z1 F500 T5000 H3

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    You could connect the relay contacts between Z_PROBE_IN and ground and use probe type 5, but it's probably better to connect them to the 2 outer pins of the E0 endstop connector and use probe type 4. You will need to include parameter I1 in your M558 command to invert the signal polarity.

  • Ok, but why is the E0 better than the Probe Pins?
    I mean there are made for this right?

    (Just to undestand it) 😉

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    E0 has a lower value pullup resistor.

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