Z Baby steps thank you!

  • Hi All

    I don't think I have expressed my appreciation yet in regards to the Z baby stepping.
    What a fantastic feature this is! Because I am constantly changing effectors, hot ends and such, I do not even try to adjust the height anymore.
    It used to be a real hassle to get the print to grip on the first layer. Constantly tweaking height and such.

    Now I simply start the print and while it is starting on the first layer I lower (or raise) until I see a good track being put down. Tweak it up or down a little more to get it nice and smooth. After removing the first attempt, restart the print.

    Perfect print and next to no time lost in adjusting everything.

    So thank you David, what a great feature and life saver for me.

  • Its a massively time saving feature if you do make frequent changes, as I also do, to your machines, so I can wholeheartedly agree and offer my thanks too.

    However… it might be nice to have the option to save the offset even after power cycling, and directly by clicking save rather than by changing G31 and doing an m500 - thats how the save feature would work isnt it, the firmware would just send G31 Z(current)+babystep offset, M500, clear babystep offset, reset.

    Its great that the offset remains from one print to the next its a move in the right direction.

    Although its interesting that baystepping, like bed compensation is something which you either use and think is great or can see no need for at all, as your machine is mechanically perfect and never changes.

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