Which PanelDue LCD size?

  • Which size are you using.?

    5 inch seems to be the balance of size and ppi, since it has higher resolution and not too big.

    My worsening eyesight may force me to the 7…haha


  • I got the 7" but I never installed it.

    The built-in web server does everything I want from wherever I am.


  • Frederick - good point. My duet arrives tomorrow. Was going to test the workflow without the paneldue first. I have an unused tablet that can play full time in front of the printer too.

  • I have only used the 7" and web and must say I would not want the display to be smaller. It's very convenient with a fixed display to quickly do whatever needs to be done. But if you got a device always near by with the web page on it it will do the trick.

  • I will have to order a paneldue since I build for customers who usually want all the bells and whistles. 7 inch is definitely in my future.

    Curious to what the overhead differences, if any, between web and paneldue too.

  • administrators

    IMO the 5 inch is good for most printers, although if your printer is especially large then 7 inch may look better. The 4.3 inch would suit a small printer. I have 5 inch on my Ormerod and 7 inch on my large delta.

  • The web interface is very good but sometimes it is nice to not have to wake up my PC or tablet to do something quick. For example starting another job when one finishes late at night.

  • Beware of 7" display, there are so random in quality, tried 2, 2 with strange purple offset pixels and green pixel glittering. 😕

  • I have both a 7" and a 5" (Both from Filastruder).

    Honestly, the 5" is just fine.

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