Titan extruder grinding through filament

  • Hiya,
    I made the leap and purchased the titan extruder atleast a month ago, I 've gotten rid of all other variables but couldn't seem to iron the issue i was having with the titan, i.e. the extruder eventually grinding through the filament as in pixie dust, i resolved this by changing the tightness of the dial, to the point of no grinding, from this point another issue becomes aparent whereby the first layers are great until it speeds up to the next layer, where there are large gaps within the layer.
    I can only amend this by pushing the filament through, after which i could literally leave the printing alone, becuase of this i also had reduce the printing speed from 60mm/s, to 45mm/s.

    Please help since i am sure that this shouldn't be an issue with a £60 extruder.

    I did resolve the problem by buying a cheap £10 extruder, which I do not fancy using long term, shamefully speaking i could start the print and leave it.

  • Well first principles would suggest:
    -If it's grinding then the idler isn't tight enough. You fixed that.
    -if it is stalling the motor once the pinch wheel is tight enough (or skipping some steps) which results in the incomplete extrusion you've seen, then either:
    -the e motor current is too low or
    -there is some sort of physical restriction/obstruction preventing filament from flowing normally. Could be a blockage or something causing friction.

    Try setting fairly high temperature for the filament you're using, and pushing it through by hand does it flow easily? Is your hotend as hot as you think it is? Try an atomic pull, see if it clears it.

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