Power Failure

  • Hi DC42
    I set the M911 on RC4
    But for printing resurrect.g ? I use M98 Psys/resurrect.g not work !
    My PSU is 12v … i change the value for this ( example /2) is correct ?
    After the power is restored, you can print file sys/resurrect.g to resume the print from where it stopped
    Thanks Giorgio

  • administrators

    Use the system files editor in DWC to see whether resurrect.g was actually created. There needs to be a certain amount of power in reserve for it to be created, and with 12V power that's less likely.

    I plan to do some more work on this feature in release 1.20 to reduce the amount of reserve power that it needs.

  • The resurrect.g is actually on SYS
    created ! but for run ? Is exact M98?

  • administrators

    Yes, M98 P/sys/resurrect.g should work, or just M98 Presurrect.g. Where are you sending the command from: PanelDue, DWC, or a USB host program?

  • Send on DWC

  • administrators

    Did anything happen at all?

  • Yes I create this macro on SYS
    files sys/powerfail.g, sys/powerrestore.g and sys/resurrect-prologue.g
    copy the example for Delta …itwork fine the system but not run the resurrect.g for printing

  • administrators

    What I meant was: if you send M98 Presurrect.g, does anything happen at all? Do you get any messages in the Console window of DWC?

    Please post the contents of resurrect.g.

  • on config,g

    ;Power Failure
    M911 S6.0:9.75:11.0 ; PSU 12V


    Editing 0:/sys/resurrect.g

    ; File "Test100.gcode" resume print after auto-pause at 2017-07-07 11:33
    M140 S40.0
    G10 S212 R0
    T0 P0
    G92 E6.965
    G29 S1
    M98 Presurrect-prologue.g
    M106 P0 S0.00
    M106 P1 S0.00
    M106 P2 S0.00
    M106 P3 S0.00
    M106 P4 S0.00
    M106 P5 S0.00
    M106 P6 S0.00
    M106 P7 S0.00
    M106 P8 S0.00
    M106 S0.00
    M290 S0.000
    M23 Test100.gcode
    M26 S6011
    G1 F6000 X-52.85 Y51.40 Z0.20
    G1 F1470.0 P0

    Send on DWC M98 Presurrect.g
    reponse from DWC
    15:47:25M98 PRESURRECT.G
    Macro file resurrect-prologue.g not found.

    on SYS Editing 0:/sys/resume-prologue.g
    G1 E2 F3600

    NOT the file resurrect-prologue.g ?

  • administrators

    I'm sorry, you need to rename resume-prologue.g to resurrect-prologue.g. I changed the filename during development, and when I updated that wiki page I updated all occurrences of that filename… except one. I've corrected it now.

  • Ok i test now ….thaks David
    i post after the result

  • administrators

    There is a bug in the resume mechanism if you were using absolute extrusion or volumetric extrusion. I've just fixed those, the fixes will be in RC5.

  • NOW WORK !!!!!! thanks David DC2

  • absolute extrusion …..Simply3D v4

  • 6:45:31M98 P0:/macros/RICUPERO Down Power
    File Test100.gcode selected for printing
    16:42:09Connection established!
    16:37:25Attempt to move the head of a Delta or SCARA printer before homing the towers
    Attempt to move the head of a Delta or SCARA printer before homing the towers
    Error: Homing failed
    16:36:50Connection established!
    16:36:32Print cancelled due to low voltage
    Printing resumed
    16:36:29Resume-after-power-fail state saved
    Print auto-paused due to low voltage
    Print auto-resumed
    16:32:33M98 PRESURRECT.G
    File Test100.gcode selected for printing
    16:30:40Attempt to move the head of a Delta or SCARA printer before homing the towers
    Attempt to move the head of a Delta or SCARA printer before homing the towers


  • administrators

    As far as I can see, there are no commands in resurrect.g prior to the M98 Presurrect-prologue.g call that command movement. So it sounds to me like the G28 command in resurrect-prologue.g failed. A common reason for homing failures in delta printers is that the G1 S1 command in homedelta.g has X, Y and Z parameters that are less than the maximum distance you may need to move the carriages to home them.

  • Ok ….just one little BUG
    M291: Display message and optionally wait for response
    Supported in firmware version 1.19beta7 and later.

    P"message" The message to display, which must be enclosed in double quotation marks. if the message itself contains a double quotation mark, use two double quotation marks to represent it.
    R"message" Optional title for the message box. Must be enclosed in double quotation marks too.
    Sn 0 = no acknowledgement needed (default), 1 = display an OK button and wait for it to be pressed (the user interface then sends M292 to indicate that is has been acknowledged)
    Tn Timeout in seconds, ignored if S=1. The message will be cancelled after this amount of time, if the user does not cancel it before then. A zero or negative value means that the message does not time (it may still be cancelled by the user). The default value is 10 seconds
    Zn 0 = no special action, 1 = display Z jog buttons alongside the message to allow the user to adjust the height of the print head

    if set Z0 appear the jog control ,also is set Z1 😉

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