Dual end stop configuration Duex5 - homing problem

  • Hi,

    i have a simple xyz printer: 2 steppers driving x, 2 steppers driving y, 1 stepper driving z and steppers for the extruders.
    I don´t manage it to get e.g. the 2 end stops for the x-axis working.

    All axis steppers are located on the Duex5, all extruders are on the Duet Wifi.
    For printing it should look like

    ; normal axis setup
    M584 X5:6 Y7:8 Z9  E0:1:2:3:4	

    For homing it should look like

    ; homing axis setup
    M584 X5 U6 Y7 V8 Z9 E0:1:2:3:4	
    M574 X2 Y2 Z2 U2 V2 S0	

    The X end stop is connected to the X end stop of the duet Wifi - its led shows the end stop is working (if triggered).
    The U end stop is connected to the E3 end stop of the Duex5 - its led shows the end stop is working (if triggered).

    M574 shows the correct configuration

    Endstop configuration: X high end (active low), Y high end (active low), Z high end (active low), U high end (active low), V high end (active low),

    But if i use M119 with triggered end stops for X and U (both leds on), only the X end stop is on - not the U
    M119 shows

    Endstops - X: at max stop, Y: not stopped, Z: not stopped, U: not stopped, V: not stopped, Z probe: not stopped

    Homing does not work for U (no surprise…).

    What is wrong ? Why is U not "at max stop" like X ?

  • administrators

    The endstop inputs are not affected by the M584 motor mapping. So the U endstop switch must be connected to endstop input #3, which is the one labeled E0.

  • 1. thanks
    2. it works
    3. now i am totally confused…. what is the logic behind it to map the endstop of U to E0 ?!?

    Is it like
    X -> X
    Y -> Y
    Z -> Z
    U -> E0
    V -> E1
    W -> E2

    What are the end stops of the Duex5 for (for extruders?)?
    Which end stop to use for V (E1)?

  • administrators

    The mapping in your post is correct. We labeled the endstop inputs X Y Z E0 E1 originally because those are what the corresponding motor outputs were originally intended to be used for. But since then we have added support for additional axes, motor remapping, and many other features. So it's better to think of them as stepper outputs 0 thru 5, and similarly for the endstop inputs. That's how I expect we will label them in the next generation of the Duet.

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