Tool for installing 2GT belt tensioning springs.

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know of a tool to install these typical 2GT belt tensioning springs.

    I find using pliers rather difficult.



    2GT Belt Tensioning Spring.png

  • @fcwilt Don't use those springs. If the belt tension varies and you need a spring to maintain tension, the belts/pulleys are not properly positioned. It's better to fix the problem than to use springs.

    One thing that people seem to understand about lead screws and linear guides is that the screws need to be parallel to the guides. For some reason, a lot of people think that belts can be positioned in strange relationships to the guides and everything will work just fine. It's not true, of course. The belts need to be parallel to the guides, too.

    More specifically, the portion or segment of the belt that attaches to the part that slides on the linear guide has to be parallel to the guide, just like a leadscrew.

    If the belt is not parallel to the guide, the tension will vary depending on the position of the slide, and the slide will not move in constant increments. That will lead to distorted prints whose size and shape will vary depending on where they are printed on the bed.

    If the belt is positioned properly, the tension will not vary with slide position. Each incremental movement of the drive pulley will translate to a specific, equal movement of the slide regardless of where the slide is located along the guide rail. There is no need for springy tensioners.

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