Delta (Anycubic Predator), arm separation?

  • I've had an Anycubic Predator for a while with numerous upgrades. I'm in the process of upgrading to the Duet2 WIFI, PanelDue 7i, and Smart Effector. I've examined many other mods of people who have done this.

    The Duet delta smart effector comes designed with a smaller arm separation vs the Predator. Knowing that the arms must be perfectly parallel that only permits two choices. 1.)One could either install the Duet smart effector + PCB's with an adapter for the PCB's to connect with the Predator motion/pulley system. or 2.)One could retain the current arm spacing on the Predator (which is wider), and print an adaptor for the smart effector to allow for wider arm spacing.

    I've seen it done both ways. Is there a preference to either approach? Do they both work the same? Not sure but intuitively it would seem that the wider arm spacing would allow for greater rigidity and precision with the larger scale of the Predator.

  • @pschuyler
    I would go for the PCB adapters that come with the smart effector.
    They will be more rigid and precise than whatever you could print.

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