Port forward help

  • Can someone help me with port forwarding my duet wifi so I can access it away from home. I would like to shut it down if I see a failed print on my web cam. I believe I have already set up the forwarding to port 80 on my router using the ip address given to the duet in the router settings. Yougetsignal.com also confirms the port is open. How do I access the web control after I have forwarded the port? Do I type my router IP address into the web browser search bar?
    Thanks in advance for the help.

  • If possible you should map a port number for remote access to the internal port of 80.

    For example mapping 9080 to 80.

    Then from your browser you would use the WAN address of your router for access along with the external port number

    Something like 111.222.333.444:9080

  • You are aware of the security implications when opening up port 80 to the public?

    I would strongly suggest SSH tunneling, VPN or a reverse proxy with auth.

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