Shipping damage duet 2 wifi and duex boards

  • I have recently purchased an E3D tool-changer directly from E3D and had it shipped within the UK. The box came damaged to my house, however being an old bigbox owner i believed the packaging would be more than adequate - it unfortunately wasn't as i received a few damaged items. This included a duet 2 board that had the E0 heater connector snapped off as well as a faulty E1 heater. I did try the E2 heater on the duex board which was working on and off sometimes the heater heated up, others it didn't (this might be a faulty heater cartridge i am yet to test this). Furthermore, both boards were giving me many issues with the drivers.

    Error short to ground on drivers 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 came up a numerous times.

    Followed by a constant

    Error short to ground on drivers 5-6-7-8-9 error meaning i am unable to use any of the duex motor drivers, as well as the E0 and E1 heaters on the duet board.

    In light of this, i contacted E3D and they suggested i should post here and hopefully we can get the issue sorted.

  • kinda wondering why they need confirmation for shipping damage

  • @Veti just going through the motion i guess... i just want to get make some suff now! haha

  • administrators

    @magdi if this is shipping damage then please go back to e3d to sort as its not covered by our warranty policy.

    Sorry for the run around.

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