What's up with these fans?!

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    Sorry for the uber noob question: is there a special way to test fans? I've installed my DuetWifi on a Wanhao D6, which I believe had working heat break and part cooling fans when the original motherboard was connected. I don't have any recollection of the fans working since installing the Duet.

    I tried taking them out to test them on the bench. After confirming that the stock fans are 24V (the Duet was configured accordingly), I applied 24V to the fans, wired each way, and nothing. Have I subjected my fans to a common cause of death?

    Thanks for any help!

  • Some fans die when hooked up in reverse. Not saying that this is the case here but more as a general caution re connecting fans.

  • @matteo2u said in What's up with these fans?!:

    I applied 24V to the fans, wired each way,

    wiring fans the wrong way can kill the duet fan header.

  • Thanks @Veti. It's possible that i killed the header when hooking up the fans, and given what @jens55 said, I may have killed them both?

    Is there a way to diagnose this? When i said that I put 24V to the fans each way, that was me trying them with a benchtop power supply.

    Thanks again guys,

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    If you have a good idea which of the fan leads is + and which is - you can connect the fan to the always on fan header and it should spin up. If that doesn't work, (and you're sure the always on fan header is powered) then the fan is likely dead.

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