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  • Hi to all.
    I have one problem and i guess that i use wrong idea for solving it. As i have written in one other post am planning to add offset camera view for our robot but i dont quite understand how to improve tracking and detecting center of the object ( specially because object has irregular shape ). When the camera was set in robot base center i can pick up objects correctly ( maybe with 1 cm off ) but now i must hit exact center of the object. Adding this new camera distance and track speed is not a problem. Main problem is hitting the center of the object throe this offset.

    If the camera is 80 cm away from robot center, how to correctly compute kinematics ?
    I dont need robot to camera screen. I need to input camera screen position and based on this i should calculate robot coordinates. Any idea is more then welcome.

    This is the code that am using :

    xr = x - width / 2 
    yr = y - 300 + self.moving_speed robot_angle = math.pi * 34 / 180 
    robot_x = math.cos(-robot_angle) * xr - math.sin(-robot_angle) * yr 
    robot_y = math.sin(-robot_angle) * xr + math.cos(-robot_angle) * yr 
    robot_x = robot_x + 0.05 * robot_x 
    robot_y = robot_y + 0.09 * (robot_y-180)

  • Line 2 in your code snippet looks odd to me.
    Shouldn't it be two lines instead?
    The rest of your math can't be evaluated without a sketch of the camera/robot kinematics IMHO.

  • Hi ! Sorry for late reply.

    We have followed this example, but we need inverse version :
    Regarding the code:
    Can we hear us per message or mail ?


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