Bed PID tuning cycle adjustment

  • Currently, tuning a bed can take forever and still fail at the end of it.
    Can the number of tuning cycles be specified to reduce the time required?
    The new algorithm is great for tools and look ahead regarding fan usage but is too complicated for beds with the old method being more than adequate.
    Can the phase messages also be adjusted to remove reference to fans when tuning a bed?

  • Following. Got the same problem after i updated to reprap 3.2.2 firmware and duet webcontrol 3.2.2
    Just changed the heater also and a new fan blower so need to to the pid autotune also. But mine also fails.

    Warning: heater behaviour was not consistent during tuning
    Auto tuning heater 1 completed after 3 idle and 25 tuning cycles in 1410 seconds. This heater needs the following M307 command:
    M307 H1 R2.206 C141.4 D8.27 S1.00 V24.0
    Send M500 to save this command in config-override.g

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