Duet2Wifi config corrupted?

  • Have been printing for a few months. Working quite well. This morning I changed the nozzle, checked the Z-offset and changed it in the config.g. Clicked yes on the restart and....something has gone wrong. No longer connects to the web, Duet's three lights come on at power up, but Duex5 is dark, no lights, no fan. Hotend fan is on full time, which is not how it is setup in the config.

    I get the impression the firmware got wrecked in the restart somehow. Problem is, how do I proceed from here? I've been looking through the dozuki and not having much luck. Any thoughts from those with bigger brains than mine would be appreciated.

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    Might want to take the boards out and inspect them.

    Connect the duet via USB to see if it lives.

  • Phaedrux, how you walk around with that much knowledge in your head without falling over is beyond me but I appreciate the help.

    Following the path on that link. 5v, 3.3 and usb are lit, diag is not so it appears the board lives. Duet2wifi shows up on com3 so I can communicate. Have to run off to work for a bit and will continue down the path when I return. I suspect a firmware update/reload will be required? Reworking the configs might create a bit of brain damage. I believe the original is on my computer from the config tool....suspect I'm supposed to back this stuff up occasionally but didn't. Guess I'll learn a lesson here. 🙂

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    Could be a bad SD card. I would swap it out if you have a spare or at least wipe it completely with the SD Formatting tool.


  • Bought a new card, was trying to move files from the old to the new and the old was acting odd. Would transfer the files in windows...but they didn't show up. It seems perhaps that card was the issue. Got the files moved in the end with copy paste though and connected to the board with YAT. Turned on wifi and connected, all of the config/macro files etc were there but config.g was blank. Perhaps when I clicked save config and reboot the card hiccuped and the config was wiped? Copied the .bak file into config.g and all seems to be well.

    When is .bak updated and what triggers it? It appears to be fairly recent, but I haven't taken any backup steps in a while. Sure saved me a bunch of work. Thanks for your help as always Phaedrux!

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    @TampaPrinter said in Duet2Wifi config corrupted?:

    When is .bak updated and what triggers it?

    It's created every time to you edit the config.g in the web interface.

  • So the .bak is always the most recent version. How great is that! This turned out to be significantly less of an ordeal than I thought it would be. Thanks Phaedrux for the help...again.

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    @TampaPrinter its always the one before the most recent change.

    When you save an edit to config.g, the version that was on the sd card is moved to .bak and the new version (with the most recent changes) is then saved as config.g

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