Checking the trigger height ; can't do step 8

  • I am trying to follow instructions for finding the trigger height of my probe (BLTouch). On step 8 it says to
    "Send G30 S-1 to probe the bed without resetting the Z=0 position" but when I do that, it fails with "insufficient axis homed". If I home the axis before I do it, I am no longer where I want to probe the bed AND it runs a G30 which resets my Z=0.
    What do I need to do to find my trigger height?

  • @EricE555 if you follow the steps, you shouldn't be unhoming the axis

    i like using this macro to measure the trigger height

    ;Calibrate BL Touch trigger height
    ; When we get variables we can define one here
    ; Uncomment when ready to use
    ; var RunningTotal=0
    ; var average=0
    ; If the printer hasn't been homed, home it
    if !move.axes[0].homed || !move.axes[1].homed || !move.axes[2].homed
    M564 S0 H0 ; Allow movement beyond limits
    if move.axes[2].machinePosition < 6 ; make sure we have probe clearance
    	G1 Z6
    M280 P0 S160 I1 ; reset BL Touch
    G4 S0.5
    M98 P"0:/sys/retractprobe.g" ; Ensure probe is retracted & reset
    G4 S0.5
    M290 R0 S0 ; clear any baby stepping
    M561 ; clear any bed transform
    ; Jog head to position
    M291 P"Jog nozzle to touch bed" R"Set nozzle to zero" S3 Z1
    G92 Z0
    M291 P"Press OK to begin" R"Ready?" S3; 
    ; carry out 10 probes
    while iterations <= 9
    	G1 Z6
    	if sensors.probes[0].value[0]=1000 ; if probe is in error state
    		echo "Probe in error state- resetting"
    		M280 P0 S160 I1 ; reset BL Touch
    		G4 S0.5
    		M98 P"0:/sys/retractprobe.g" ; Ensure probe is retracted & reset
    		G4 S0.5
    	G30 S-1
    	; Uncomment when variables allowed
    	; RunningTotal=RunningTotal + move.axes[2].machinePosition
    	G4 S0.5
    ; Until variables come use this
    M291 P"Check console for results and enter average value in G31 Z parameter of config.g"  R"Finished" S3 
    ;When variables come uncomment this
    ;G31 Z{average}
    ;M291 P"Trigger height set to : " ^ sensors.probes[0].triggerHeight ^ " Press OK to save to config, cancel to use until restart" R"Finished" S2 
    M564 S0 H1 ; Reset limits	                                                            ; Home Z

  • Thank you for your prompt reply. I tried your script.
    When I run it I get 10 instances of "Insufficient Axes homed for bed probing" and then M292 -> Bad command: 0

  • After figuring out what I did wrong, I was able to run this script.
    I had changed M84 (idle timeout) to 10 seconds because the motors make a little noise. Once I put that back to something reasonable, I had the necessary time to adjust nozzle to the bed height and then continue the script without the errors. 🙂
    Now we'll see if I can make use of this to have a good offset for the nozzle when printing.

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