Z compensation beyond mesh area?

  • I wondered about it for some time, so at last decided to ask. 😉

    I am using a script that tells the Duet to run a mesh probe before each print, and only on area that will be actually printed. Typically this is a small portion of the 300x300 bed.

    My question is, what does the Duet do when it need to print outside of the mesh area (e.g. the purge line)? Does it ignore the mesh map, does it extrapolate it in some way? Do I risk having a large error at the purge line if the mesh area is small and far away?

    (I have used it for some time and the results are great so far)

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    Keep in mind that the extrapolation is likely only to be accurate over a short distance. In other words, useful for the very edges of the bed where the probe may not reach.

  • Would be nice to be able to specify individual mesh points. That way I would specify a dense mesh in the printed area and a point or two around the purge line.

  • Apropos extrapolation, my DWC shows a misleading view of the heatmap, truncating the bed area to the probed region. A more intuitive visualization would be to show the probed area in the context of the entire bed, with an option to show also extrapolated areas.

    This was captured with a 300x300 bed, DWC truncate the bed view to the probed area.


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