[Poll] Time estimates on PanelDue 4.3"

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    Since there are repeated and scattered requests to bring slicer time as an estimate to PanelDue and we only have limited space to show this information, I want to start a poll about opinions of what users want to see. Below you'll find a poll for the smaller 4.3" variant and for the larger-resolution screens of 5" and 7" PanelDue here. I ask you to vote only for the screen you have or plan to get.

    These polls will run until 2021-03-14. Each user has up to two votes.

  • I am running the paneldue for a long time now with slicer time display and am very happy with the results. Never looking at the other ones.

    It's done by my post slicer script which also insert the per print selective mesh probing.


    I am using PrusaSlicer if it matters.

  • administrators

    Would anyone miss print time estimations based on layer times if I removed it? It's rarely accurate, the implementation is complex, and as slicers get more sophisticated (e.g. supporting variable layer height), it breaks more often.

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