Request: make the front page on the wiki user-modifiable

  • As it stands there is at least one omission on the front page of the Duet WiFi wiki ( 😞 there is no mention of how to hook up your fans (in particular whether they are 12/24V or 5V). As a registered user on the wiki I can write a page explaining that, but I can't modify the front page to point to it.

    More generally, as a user of the Duet WiFi I am happy to update the wiki as I learn about how the hardware and firmware work; with luck this might reduce the number of repetitive questions on the fora. I encourage others to do the same. This is an open-source product, and those work best when the community contributes back to the code and documentation.

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    Good point. I will look into it over the next few days (I am not in my laptop much this week, currently posting on my phone)

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    I've just added a Connecting Fans link to the main page. Feel free to create that page.

  • Thanks! I wrote some basic instructions. Hopefully someone who has actually tried some exotic fan configurations can flesh it out a bit.

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    Thanks! I've made a few edits, mostly to cover the Duet 0.6 and 0.8.5 as well.

  • The wiki seems to have fallen over, reporting "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/duet3d71/public_html/w/LocalSettings.php on line 161" on every page.

  • I thought the wiki was strictly for info on the Duet Wifi, and only referenced the 0.6 and 0.8.5 to indicate differences in the Wifi.

    Is this now an all-encompassing Duet Wiki?

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    The plan is to have just one wiki eventually covering all Duet versions. I am already trying to make the reference sections cover all Duet variants, to save me from having to replicate the same information in different places.

  • Very cool. Could we maybe indicate that to potential writers of articles? This way, they remember to write their articles in ways that reference specifically the version of Duet they are writing about.

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    I have indicated which Duet version(s) are covered by each section, in the section headings on the front page.

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    Anne that was me fumbling the user rights addition - is it back up and running for you?

  • Thanks for the fan section, saved me asking here on the forum, as I was going to ask which connector I should use if I want to Thermostatically control my e3d hotend and cooling fan and the answers are all there.

  • Fixed now, thanks.

    I'm aware that the wiki is to cover all Duet variants, but I only have the WiFi, so I'm hesitant to say anything too definite about how and where the others differ from it. Apart from the obvious - not having an ESP8266 - I mean.

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    Thanks for adding the information Anne. I have also added you as an editor so you should be able to add links to the front page, if you could try when you get a chance and let me know if that works that would be helpful.

  • It works fine. I fleshed out the welcome page a little, mostly with context about what the Duets are and what each section is for. I also added a hardware overview page, which I hope should help organize the hardware setup process for most people. Since I don't know much about the older Duets, I'm afraid that at the moment it's still rather WiFi-centric.

    I also added a link for how to contribute to firmware development, but at the moment I'm still figuring out what's where, so I haven't filled out any content.

  • There was already some text and schematics for Duet fan connection here :

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