Various faults on hotend

  • Just brought a brand new hotend from e3d, however, ever since i started getting VSSA faults, and having my hotend and heatbed error out on me, i have not been able to get the hotend back up to the correct temps,

    Before i had no such issues, the temperature now takes a long time to heat up, please help then fails quickly.

    I attempted the pid tuning with the following comand and this is what came up.

    00:26:10Auto tune of heater 2 failed due to bad curve fit (G=0.8, tc=5.5, td=6.0)
    00:26:05Auto tune phase 3, peak temperature was 70.3
    00:25:56Auto tune phase 2, heater off
    00:25:29Auto tune phase 1, heater on
    00:25:22M303 H2 P0.3 S70
    Auto tuning heater 2 using target temperature 70.0C and PWM 0.30 - do not leave printer unattended

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    Is the bed heater getting up to temperature as it should? If both heaters do not seem to be getting up to temperature, then it is possible that there is still a VSSA fault.

    Are you using a 12V supply? If so then it could be that you have been supplied with a 24V hot end heater cartridge. Measure the resistance of the heater cartridge with a multimeter to find out.

  • Ok false alarm,
    Really sorry,
    I installed genuine heat cartridge from e3d and their is currently no issues, both heat bed and hotend heat up nicely.

    Its actually worth buying the Genuine parts.

    another question, now that my hotend is working as it should, whats the advantage of PID over Bang-Bang?

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    PID provides better temperature control. It is essential for the hot end, and recommended for most bed heaters.

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