G start codes

  • Hello everyone,
    Despite my research I did not find anything on the subject.
    What G CODES start and end put you before starting a print on a delta.
    Thank you

  • administrators

    If you want to be able to print a file immediately after turning the printer on, then I suggest this:

    • Start heating the bed to operating temperature (M140)
    • Home the printer
    • Command the nozzle to operating temperature, or whatever temperature you wish to use for auto calibration. If the bed is much slower to heat than the nozzle, you may wish to wait for the bed to reach temperature first.
    • Run auto calibration. Not essential, but so quick that you might as well.
    • Move the nozzle to the side so that any oozing is on the edge of the bed
    • Either M83 or M82 depending on whether your slicer is generating relative extruder coordinates (recommended) or absolute extruder coordinates.
    • Heat the nozzle to operating temperature if it is higher than the auto calibration temperature (your slicer will probably generate the gcodes to do this anyway)

    Personally I run a macro after turning the printer on to set the temperatures, then I run auto calibration which homes the printer too because I have G28 at the start of my bed.g file. So I just use the last 3 of the above.

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