Objects are printing smaller..

  • As I change my Z Height and extruder steps/min between 1.19 betas, I am noticing objects are getting smaller and smaller.

    Hard to tell from those pictures… Grr

  • Are you sure that you are changing the extruder steps and not the X, Y and Z? Maybe that is why you keep having to tweek Z height.

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    X,Y and Z steps/mm should not need to be "tweaked" rather they should be calculated from the microsteps set, the degree prer step of the motors and gearing provided by belt+pulleys.

    calibrating steps/mm for the extruders on a diamond hotend is presumably the same as on a regular hotend, just done 5 times for each extruder, but Ian should be able to give further info.

  • Sorry, I am adjusting M665 in config.g, the H parameter, not steps/mm (that was for extruders). Here is my history over the last month or two -

    ;M665 R105.15 L217.0 B90 H350.30 ; prints small
    ;M665 R103.35 L217.0 B90 H349.50 ; with blue tape - smaller R parameter
    ;M665 R88 L214.83 B100 H349.82 ; tweaking radius too small
    ;M665 R88 L216 B100 H349.82 ; tweaking radius too big
    ;M665 R88 L215 B100 H349.82 ; tweaking radius
    ;M665 R88 L215 B100 H349.90 ; tweaking radius
    M665 R88 L215 B100 H355.00 ; tweaking height

    In my opinion, the volume of 3 filaments into one nozzle needs less than the normal steps/mm and normal calculations produce too much. 95 steps/mm seem to be pretty good for me.

    Going to recalibrate today.. Rod Length is actually 218. So tired of replacing tape on a round bed from head crashes.

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    Ahh sorry different issue. David has commented on a number of delta calibration threads on this forum. That would be a good place to start. Do you have a probe? If not then manual calibration can be done it just takes a little longer

  • Eddie, how about trying to tackle one thing at a time. You're kind of bouncing all over the forum and it is hard to keep track of what you got going on. Pick one thing and lets get it figured out first before going on to the next. Calibration sounds like the best place to start since you can't print without that first.

  • I have an IR probe.

    How do I delete all calibration settings and start from scratch?

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