Stepper Hum/Whine: Wanhao i3

  • New user here still setting things up.

    I have a Wanhao Duplicator i3 that I have just wired up to a DuetWiFi.
    I generated the config files using most of the suggested settings found here:
    Basically only changed the direction of two of the steppers so they move in the correct direction.

    My printer successfully homes all axii, but after each stepper comes to a stop, I can hear a soft hum/whine that continues until I press the emergency stop.
    Is this normal behavior? I also just upgrade my PSU to a super quiet computer PSU so I'm not sure if it always made this noise and I couldn't hear it over the original PSU fans.

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    There seem to be a few supply voltage and motor combinations that give rise to a small amount of motor idle noise. It may be possible to reduce the noise by changing the chopper control parameters. There is an old thread about this.

  • Did you tune your steppers with the Melzi before you did the conversion. so you had a better idea of what current is needed for them? depending on which generation, of which model you have the motors may be different. Here is a Wiki with info on how to do it with the Melzi. you can now do the hard part in the firmware instead of with a screwdriver.

  • I'm experiencing a similar issue, where it sounds like, very quiet, white noise coming from both my x and y stepper motors. Is there a recommended process for figuring out which parameters to change, and by how much; or is it going to be a trial and error process?

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    Not yet, it's on my list to look at when I have finished with more urgent things.

  • No rush, it's not loud enough to be an issue, it's just something that I noticed and wanted to confirm the source of. Is this a benign issue, or is there a risk of damage to the drivers/motors?

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    There's no risk.

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