Part Cooling Duct/Fan

  • On my build the part cooling fan doesn't appear to be as low as in the photos in the instructions, mine can just blow air on the nozzle.

    Is there a different part to print for the production version.

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    I believe the one I linked to is the one I am using. I didn't change it between prototype and production. But I don't claim that it is optimal.

  • I added a set of nuts between to drop it down a little.

  • I put a modified version on thingiverse-2521716- still a work in progress though.

  • Do you have any photos of it assembled?

  • Sorry away from home. Will post pic on return. With the slots on the holder part, you can lower the duct part to suit. I guess the modified holder would be OK with the dc fan design

  • Interesting, on mine I added a couple of washers to lower the bracket (and fan) and then had to add a little spacer between the heatsink and the duct to rotate it slightly, I had 3d printed some updated brackets but never quite got the angles right but I would like something a bit more permanent.

  • anyone with the cad file want to make an even higher bracket for use with a volcano heater block …

  • @Jarery:

    anyone with the cad file want to make an even higher bracket for use with a volcano heater block …

    The Openscad file is on the thingiverse page, IIRC there is a variable for height.

    The variable is called FanSideLength (line 4) although if you increase the distance you might need to adjust the angle, you can do this by changing the value 70 on lines 64 and 67.

  • Just published a modified duct on thingiverse (2584364), which includes a photo. I have a couple of mm of nozzle below the bottom of the duct, which runs parallel to the print bed. I just shortened the side arms of the duct a bit, to keep them away from the heater element. I have printed in PETG so far - would probable be better in ABS, but not set up to do that yet.


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