M666 bed adjustment on a Delta

  • my bed rises slightly more the is compensated for in the calibration, so I wanted to try this. the difference is between the X and Z towers. the bed is a solid mount. if this were a standard printer I see this working out well. will this be adding more troubles for me being a Delta printer? and while I have your attention, on an old machine you had to delete the height map and config override when doing a new calibration. (it didn't overwrite the old one) Do I need to do that here or will the M500 overwrite properly for me where it needs to be?

  • administrators

    When you run auto calibration (G32), the height map loaded in memory (if any) is cleared automatically. You don't need to delete config-override.g. After running auto calibration, M500 will store the new parameters in config-override.g. Please note, config-override.g is only used if you have a M501 command near the end of config.g.

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