Z probe movement with G30 S-1

  • When I send G30 S-1 with the head centred, the head moves most of the way to the z tower, then moves in the - x direction, then back to x=0, then back to the centre, where it probes, then moves off in the x direction again. The probed value is as expected, the green indicator flashes on starting and probing as expected. Is this normal behaviour (I bet I am doing something really silly).

  • administrators

    Could it be that you have just upgraded to firmware 1.19, but you didn't read the release notes, and as a result you still have old deployprobe.g and retractprobe.g files on your SD card?

  • Thank you - sorry to waste your time
    calibration worked well, giving before 0.030 after 0.019 for 10 points 6 factors
    the mesh map looks ok, with maximum deviations -0.079/0.082, mean error 0.003 and RMS error 0.036
    Wonderful piece of kit and fantastic support

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