Rainbow coloured Aria the Dragon by Loubie

  • Just thought I'd share this - pics can be found here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_MwtHtQR_ZvWUJrS3lUWnRwQ2c

    It's this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:600550 but scaled up 180%. so it stands around 235 mm tall. I photographed it stood on a window sill so they are real clouds behind.

    Sliced with Slic3R, 0.3mm layer height. Then the gcode file was run through a little script to change the mixing ratio every second layer. Printed using Filaprint transparent PET-G http://shop.3dfilaprint.com/filaprint-pet-g-393-c.asp and a Diamond 5 colour hot end with 0.5mm nozzle. Print duration about 7 hours. So it started with 100% clear then faded through blue to yellow (giving green along the way) through red (giving orange along the way) then towards black transparent but only up to around 50-50 red and black as I ran of height. Might do it again at 200% or maybe just change the mix ratio to every layer, rather than every other layer for the last colour change so that it ends up 100% black transparent.

    Anyway, though I say so myself - I don't think it's too scruffy.


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    Really great print Ian. How are you finding the transparent PETG?

  • Very Nice !
    Looks like great detail for petg print also, what settings are you using for layer height, speed, temp ?

  • Thanks Tony. The transparent PET-G so far is good but this was the first real print. Best temperature on my machine is 205 deg C which isn't all that far away from what I print PLA at so maybe I might try a mixture of the two some time. It's slightly stringy - well not stringy, more sort of fine hairs but I've found that with all PET-G. They pull off easy enough with my fingers. It's much much better than the eSun stuff I tried - that was just awful. It doesn't stick to the nozzle like E3D edge does. I can't say what strength and layer adhesion are like - I don't want to try and break one or Arias wings just in case it's not as good as I'd like. Also I haven't tried serious bridging with it - in that regard E3D Edge was amazing - a 30mm unsupported span with hardly any sag.

    Layer height 0.3mm, nozzle diameter 0.5mm, temp 205 deg C I found to work best on my machine. Speed was slow by my normal standards but that was dictated by the model, so mostly at around 40mm/sec print speed and non-print moves at up to 150mm/sec. Firmware retraction (which is a must for mixing hot ends) of 4mm at 3600 mm/min. Pressure advance not enabled due to a bit of an issue with multiple extruders. First layer width 0.8mm thereafter 0.5mm. Bed temp 55 deg C throughout. Glass build surface with 3DLac applied. Anything else?

  • Stood - not standing.

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