Troubleshooting Fans

  • Hello everyone,
    Now that I can get my printer running, I would like to be able to manage my fans.
    So I plug in the one that cools the Hotend on the output "PWM FANS N ° 1" and I have 2 other fans that I would like to order with simplify 3D.
    These 2 other fans are connected to the outputs "PWM FANS N ° 0 and 2".

    I wish that the Hotend would start at 45 °.
    So I wrote these lines in my Config.g file, but nothing does.

    ; Fans Hotends
    ;M106 P1 S-1 ; disable thermostatic mode for fan 1
    M106 P1 T45 H1 ;Fan Hotend

    ; Fans Thermostatic
    M106 P0 S-1 ; disable thermostatic mode for fan 0
    ;M106 P1 S-1 ; disable thermostatic mode for fan 1
    M106 P2 S-1 ; disable thermostatic mode for fan 2

    ; Fans Print
    M106 P0 S255
    M106 P2 S255

    I look on this page ", but I am unable to get to the result I would like.
    I always have a fan that turns non-stop "the one plug on output n ° 2"
    The one that plugs into output # 0 does not trigger it and I can control it with the Fan 1 tab on Duet Web Control.
    Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    thank you

  • administrators

    S3D and other slicers only know about one fan. So the simplest way to control 2 fans from S3D is to connect them in parallel to the same fan output.

    However, there is another way, which is to use the tool fan mapping facility. For each tool defined using the M563 command, you can define which fan(s) are controlled by a fan speed command in the gcode file that doesn't include a fan number, when that tool is active. For example, if you include F0:2 in your M563 P0 command, then when tool 0 is active any fan speed commands generated by S3D will control both fans 0 and 2.

  • Hello everyone,
    I'm trying to program the Fan of my Hotend, but I have a slight problem.

    So I would like the fan to turn on at 30% of its power at a temperature of 45 °, and take its maximum power at 55 °.
    I therefore enter this line:
    M106 P1 H1 T45: 55 L0.3 ; Fan Hotend

    The problem is that my fan starts at 45 °, but only one lap stops and this restarts at 55 °.
    Do you have an idea.
    thank you

  • Hello,
    Nobody has any idea about my problem.
    Thank you

  • Had the same problem.

    My fan wasn't able to start with a very low PWM.

    try lower F parameter.
    I used F10 and a B0.5 parameter (the Blip time will help)


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