Web Server won't start

  • I have been successfully printing with my Duet Wifi for the past month or two without an issue. Last night, I started noticing that I was getting more JS issues than normal on the web server and couldn't connect frequently. This is random and I have not even physically touched the board in a long time.

    This morning, I turned on the printer and I cannot connect to wifi. I can connect via USB, the printer cycles through and everything seems ok. Restarted the wifi via usb and I get the message that it successfully connected to the network and shows the IP. The blue light on the wifi module on the board doesn't turn on anymore.

    I am somewhat unsure of what to do next though… any help would be appreciated.


  • Update It just severed the web page in an unconnected state but it is incredibly slow. Slow to the point where the icons won't even load. After restarting the web server, won't load the page again.

    < 7:19:09 AM: WiFi server connected to access point ****, IP=, signal strength=-63dBm>

    I have run M997 S0:1:2 to reinstall all firmware from the SD card with no change, still cannot connect.

  • administrators

    You signal strength is quite low. I suspect interference from other WiFi users in the vicinity, or other 2.4GHz devices such as cordless telephones and microwave ovens. Changing your wifi router channel may help.

  • Ok. So changing the channel seemed to work. I split the network int 5/2.4ghz. I don't have a cordless phone or microwave 🙂 but it seems to connect nicely now.

    On another note. The red DIAG light is constantly on … is it supposed to be?

  • administrators

    The diag led shares a pin with the Z probe MOD output. So if you select Z probe type 1 in your M558 command, it is always on.

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