Connecting 5V Fan

  • Hi,
    A dumb question but I want to confirm with the users before blowing anything on the board.

    If I have 5V fans and want to control it via PWM, I can connect the negative of the fan to the ground terminal in PWM fans but where do I connect the positive?

    Is it the 5V pin in the expansion board (Pin 1)?


  • administrators

    If all the fans connected to the Duet are 5V, then all you need do is change the V_FAN jumper to the 5V position.

    If just one fan is 5V and the rest are not then you can connect it as you describe. But if you are providing separate 5V and 12V power, you may find that the fan runs when you apply 5V power and not 12V power.

  • Thanks David for your reply! It is just one fan which will run at 5V. I am using 24V power supply and NO 5V external supply.


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