• hiya,
    How do i use the calibration tool, when i tweak it for the z axis 10mm ends up being 250~mm

    so i don't actually get the purpose of that

    and how would I calibrate a corexy without printing

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    Which calibration tool are you referring to?

  • the one found in the reprap config tool, as well as the prusa config tool

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    I presume you mean the steps/mm calculator. If you are getting the wrong output from both calculators, perhaps you are putting the wrong data in; or else the output hasn't been transferred to the steps/mm setting in the config.g file.

  • Yes thats the calculator, and i can also confirm that all of the numbers that come from the calculator are put correctly into the config.g file.
    the issue im getting is when calculating the lead screw steps/mm, the number it gives is 20480, when i leave the M350 as x128, and use the steps/mm given from the x16 calculation which gives 2560.00, the actual movement of 10mm looks right.

    should i leave it as that and calibrate it from there

  • I've never actually used a calibration calculator before, its all just been manual collaboration, with the classic blue tape, pen and set square.

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    Which way round do you have the M350 and M92 commands in config.g?

    If you have the M92 command before the M350 command, you need to set the steps/mm as they would be for x16 microstepping. When the M350 command is processed, the steps/mm will automatically be adjusted for the new microstepping.

    If you have the M92 command after the M350 command, then the values need to be correct for the microstepping you declare in M350.

  • My M350 command is first. i'm not sure why that would be an issue, especially since i grab the config.g file directly from the reprap configuration tool

    I would try it the other way round, and confirm when i get the chance, if the change makes a differance.

    How acurate am i expecting the step/mm calculator to be, or should it just be a baseline.

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    I have just checked configtool and it isn't correct when you select microstepping other than x16. It calculates the steps/mm assuming x16 microstepping, but it puts the M92 command after the M350 command. I'll get this fixed. Meanwhile, if you use configtool to generate the files, you should move the M350 command(s) to be after the M92 commands.


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