G29 on a delta, no probe offset?

  • Hello, I am working with a delta machine and a bltouch probe.
    The probe offset is X-40 from the nozzle (I set it up in my G31 X-40 Y0 Z2.32 P25).
    Here http://escher3d.com/pages/wizards/wizardbed.php i can set my probe offset and the test points seems to be perfect for G32 but, is there any way to indicate my probe offset for bed meshing? (G29).
    I can set only printable radius and distance from probes but not where to probe:
    M557 R110 S20
    so when is running G29, with the left points, bltouch is outside of the bed.
    Thanks and sorry my english.

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    Check that you don't have another G31 command in bed.g that sets the probe offset to zero. This was required with some old firmware versions, but isn't any more.

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