Delta calibration and mesh confusion

  • Hello All,

    I recently upgraded to the most recent duetwifi firmware and have a strange issue come up. I have the duet probe installed on my Delta that has a .680 trigger height. I used to be able to run the calibration steps and have the sensor tap the bed and give me results.

    That is no longer the case I can still successfully print with my current M665/666 settings it is just a bit uneven. Now when i run the calibration with this in bed.g (below) some of the time the sensor does not even tap the bed as it is too high. To me it appears the geometry is incorrect when doing calibration, but operates fine when printing… how is that happening? Can anyone give me some pointers to try? I know for a fact my rod length, radius, towers and travel is correct.

    Here are my current settings (a bit uneven, but prints)
    M665 L280.166 R144.95 H315.56 B105 X0.8 Y-1.3 Z0.000
    M666 X-0.70 Y-0.69 Z1.38 A-0.20 B2.17
    M558 P1 X0 Y0 Z0 H15 F1000 T5000 ; Z probe is an IR probe and is not used for homing any axes
    ; Z probe parameters
    G31 T1 P500 X0.0 Y-26.0 Z0.68

    Current Bed.g
    ; Clear any bed transform

    ; Probe the bed at 12 peripheral and 0 halfway points, and perform 7-factor auto compensation
    ; Before running this, you should have set up your Z-probe trigger height to suit your build, in the G31 command in config.g.
    G30 P0 X0 Y84.9 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P1 X42.45 Y73.53 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P2 X73.53 Y42.45 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P3 X84.9 Y0 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P4 X73.53 Y-42.45 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P5 X42.45 Y-73.53 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P6 X0 Y-84.9 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P7 X-42.45 Y-73.53 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P8 X-73.53 Y-42.45 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P9 X-84.9 Y0 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P10 X-73.53 Y42.45 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P11 X-42.45 Y73.53 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P12 X0 Y0 H0 Z-99999 S7
    ; Use S-1 for measurements only, without calculations. Use S4 for endstop heights and Z-height only. Use S6 for full 6 factors
    ; If your Z probe has significantly different trigger heights depending on XY position, adjust the H parameters in the G30 commands accordingly. The value of each H parameter should be (trigger height at that XY position) - (trigger height at centre of bed)

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    The IR is not supposed to tap the bed, it should trigger (as shown by the red light coming on) before the sensor touches the bed. If the se nsor or the nozzle taps the bed when triggering at some positions, that suggests that the effector is tilting a bit as it moves in the XY plane.

    I see that your trigger height is very low (0.68mm). How much higher is the bottom of the sensor than the tip of the nozzle, and what bed surface are you using?

  • I am using buildtak surface. The strange thing is it used to work that is how I have the updated M665/666 commands above. With the trigger height being really close to the nozzle is that a problem?

    When the entire calibration runs it runs in a much different way as it used to in the older code.

    Not sure if this will work or not, but I took a movie of the calibration here

    it never used to calibrate this way, with it going back and forth between triggers. It never triggers to the far side of the bed either, which I find odd because it prints to that side of the bed ok also.

  • There are a couple of folders you need to delete. Deployprobe and retract probe if I remember right.

  • That worked thanks number40!

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