Not entering Access Mode if no Wifi network is present.

  • I am trying to work on my printer where I do not have access to a network. I want to use the AP mode to edit settings, make changes, etc. Using the M552 S0/S1 gives me the following error:

    WiFi reported error: no known networks found
    Wifi module is idle

    According to the wiki, it should enter AP mode when a network is not found. But I can't see the Duet_Wifi network on any device. Is there a command to force the wifi module into AP mode?

  • administrators

    With firmware 1.18.2 and earlier it entered AP mode if the configured SSID was not found, but all you could do was set the SSID of the network you wanted to connect to and its password. With 1.19 series firmware, it doesn't. AP mode is not yet functional in firmware 1.19, due to a bug in the ESP8266 SDK that we haven't managed to work around yet.

  • Ok. Thanks for checking in. I did manage to get it working by a neat little feature on Windows 10 called WiFi Hot Spot. Which allowed me to broadcast a 2nd wifi network from the laptop to allow the duet to connect.

    This whole issue arose because my work utilizes a second logon for the guest wifi network via a web page.


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