Heatsink thread spacing

  • Hi,

    Im just taking a look at the pcb effector and im liking the whole package, especially the acceleration z probe.

    I see that the custom heat sink is fastened through the pcb with a flat nut. How much of the heat sink thread is left when the nut is tightened?
    Im asking because I have a strong extruder that always pushes the bowden tube out of the these little e3d bowden clips. So I added a 2nd m10 bowden coupler on top of that, so it would be cool if there is enough thread left that I could just screw down my 2nd coupler on top of that.

    There are also these 3 holes around the 12mm center hole that the wiki describes are additional mounting holes. Do they have a direct function or are they meant a spare mounting holes for experiments like my 2nd bowden coupler?


  • Not much thread at all once nut attached, given there is a fibre washer to reduce the chance of damaging the stain gauge traces, although you could order a slimline nut, its 1mm thread pitch I am told.

    The other option, if you look at Lykle's adaptor for the nimble https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2453322, it attaches via the three screws around the central hole, you could modify one to include a substantial push fit connector for the bowden tube, and run a pfte guide tube from it down into the hot end.

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    DjD is correct there is not enough thread.lnleft above the supplied but to add another screw in component. I am interested that your extruder is powerful enough to overmatch the coupling on retract though, why do you need it to have that much force?

    P.s. the Zprobe is strain, not acceleration based.

  • It doesn't matter if extrusion triggers the probe, this happens on our piezo sensor assemblies too, as you are not extruding when probing, but I'm curious to know why you extruder decouples the bowden connector (I presume you mean on retraction), and to know what the setup is, I've tried e3d titan, nimble and flex3drive and none overpowers the e3d mini push fit in the heatsink.

  • Thanks for the info and that nimble adapter looks like something I could use.

    As for the force I have a bondtec2 and a solex0.6 nozzle which allows my to push 20mm³/s (with bigger nozzles even more) and the bowden tube would just pop out after 2-3 minutes of printing. I tested out different couplers (m6 or m10 pneumatic couplers) and only recently found one that clamps down so much that it almost wont release the bowden tube even if I want to and that solved my issues.

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    Ahh I understand, it's force of extrusion causing the Bowden to pop out. I obviously don't print with a high enough flow rate to see this!


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