Red LEDs on by motors

  • Did I fry my board? I was not sure what orientation my motors needed to be plugged in (the colors on my wires are different than what is on the duet schematic) and now the LEDs are on around the motors and I can't seem to log into the web interface. I disconnected my board and plugged it into my computer with the USB port and was able to still log in so the board isn't completely fried. Any idea what is going on?

    I always made sure that my Duet was off when plugging and unplugging motors.

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    The red LEDs next to the motors are the endstop LEDs. It's unlikely you damaged the board with motors where the pairs are in a different order.

    If your endstops are wired incorrectly that can stop the board starting (shorting 3.3V to ground). Check

  • Ok I found what the LEDs mean and that swapping the orientation of the motors shouldn't have broken anything. That still doesn't explain why I can't get connected to the wifi interface now. I'll have to do some more experimenting.

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    Try with nothing connected, could be your endstop.wires are shorting


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