Duet Wifi - how to print from hotel?

  • Argh. I'm on a business trip so brought my h-bot to do some printing while i'm away during the day. I expected the wifi to require a browser login which it does so brought a USB cable.

    However, my hope was to print from the SD card and I just realized I don't have my SD-MicroSD adapter card with me so that's not an option. So, I'm back to printing through USB. I have only used Pronterface for occasional connecting/testing/initial setup and on my old printer used some old program a couple of times before switching to SD card only on it.

    So, what should I use? Pronterface? I use Slic3r for slicing but have Ideamaker and Cura 2.7 installed. I already created my .gcode file, just need to send it to the printer.

    Argh, I feel like a noob again.

  • Put the SD card in your phone. 😄

  • Ooh, I hadn't even thought about that since I haven't had an SD card slot in forever but do with my Moto G5 Plus. Now, to find something small enough to get the slot open.

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    another alternative is set your phone to be a hotspot, then connect the printer to your phone on wifi.

  • Or just use pronterface it does work.


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