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  • Didn't know where else to post this, but would it be possible to get a direct link to the SmartEffector wiki, off the main wiki homepage? Whether direct, or through Addonhardware features, it would be nice. Unless I'm missing something, I currently go to the Order page>Duet addons>SmartEffector>wiki - I don't know of another path there. I have it bookmarked, of course, but I'm not always at my own computer.


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    Its linked from the main page (although i only added this a few days ago):

  • Thanks for pointing that out. However, scrolling to near the bottom of the page isn't the first thing I would tend to do, especially since at first glance the page appears devoted to the control boards, and there's an "Addon Hardware Features" link, under the "Features" heading, right at the top of the page. Ironically, the links you pointed out near the bottom of the home page all go to the same "Addon Hardware Features" page (other than the SmartEffector & filament monitor).

    Thanks for pointing out the link!

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    Hi yes thats a good point - will rearrange when i get a chance

  • Also on the wiki page, the table for the 8-way white Molex KK connector has labels shown 1 to 8 but this isn't whats on the diagrams of the PCB, shouldn't these be updated to match - ie VCC,MOD,GND etc.

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