No wifi connection after upgrades

  • I followed the documentation - Upgrading to DuetWIFIFirmware 1.19 and even installed YAT and redid the macro entries.
    These are the entries:-

    M552 S0
    ok<lf>Wifi module is idle <lf>G4 P1000
    ok <lf>M587 S" myssid " P" my password "
    ok <lf>M587
    Remembered networks:<lf>your-network-ssid <lf>myssid<lf>ok <lf>M552 S1
    ok<lf>Wifi module is connected to access point myssid, IP address <lf>I then try to connect using chrome and the web control starts and asks for the password.
    I entered the wireless network password and the screen returns invalid password
    I try and connect again and I get the error :-
    Could not establish a connection to the Duet firmware! Please check your settings and try again.

    I seem to be going round in circles, after trying this update a number of times, I just can't see what I am doing wrong.

    I get confirmation that wifi is connected when using YAT and printer interface but not the web control.
    Please help

  • Do you have an entry
    M551 Ppassword

    in config.g where 'password' is anything other than 'reprap'?
    That will be the password the webUI is asking.

  • Thanks for that,
    I have solved the problem by installing 1.9 and ensuring that it runs and then updated to 1.92.

    The problem was probably mine, trying to update a few steps at a time.


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