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  • Ok so my printer is set to home max on x,y,z so when it homes my carriage is to the back and right. x0 is left and y0 is front. all homes correct and moves in the correct direction. but my x is mirrored. When i run G91 G1 S2 x10 i move x in the + direction and Y in the +direction. Now when i run g91 G1 S2 Y10 y moves - and x moves +. What am I missing??????

    I have reversed motor directions and that makes my movements reversed, I have swapped endstops and plugs and that makes my motors reversed. I have done all possible combinations of the above and nothing works. I am running 1.19.2 I upgraded from 1.19. I had the same problem with 1.19.

  • It sounds a bit like you just need to swap the X and Y motor connections. Take a look here and work through the steps

  • I found this a little non-obvious as well, as the documentation didn't say if it expected the alpha stepper on X and beta on Y, or the other way around. I assumed alphabetic order, which it seems to be. (Alpha is the left, Beta is the right on CoreXY).

    Make sure your left stepper is wired to X, the right stepper is wired to Y, make sure you have the firmware set to CoreXY. You should have X and Y set to "normal" (S0), so "M569 P0 S0" and "M569 P1 S0".

    That should then just work.

    I think you can software-swap them using M584 – M584 X1 Y0 would switch the alpha and beta on the CoreXY without touching the wires.

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    Swapping the X and Y motors, either the connections or in software, switches the coordinate system between left hand and right hand. In a right hand coordinate system (which is what slicers assume), the +Y direction is rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise from the +X direction as seen from above.


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