Delta Smart Effector quickswap breakout board

  • Since the magnetic rods allow for easy attaching/detaching of the effector, it would be nice if instead of connecting the wiring from the effector directly to the controller you could bundle them all together using a single connector (with properly specced wire gauges etc.) and connect that to a breakout board with the separate connectors for different components. This would make swapping extruders faster. The breakout board could ride the effector, and offer extra pins. Any problems with such implementation, aside from additional impedance/reflection introduced by non-galvanic connections?

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    I'm not sure exactly what you are proposing. Would swapping extruders would be significantly faster with a single 14-way connector instead of the two connectors that the current effector uses? I find disconnecting the connectors quick and easy, the time-consuming part for me is removing the filament from the hot end without it jamming.

    One of the main reasons that I chose to use separate connectors for the 12/24V wiring and the low voltage wiring is to reduce the chance of users damaging their effectors through mis-wiring. This would be a much greater risk if just one connector was used.

    What would the extra pins that you propose be used for?

  • I believe he also wants a quick connector at the Duet board end. So the effector disconnects easy, the the entire wire bundle can disconnect from the main board.

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    yes but… disconnecting two plugs and then connecting them to another effector (with for example a different hotend mounted on it) is pretty much the same time wise as disconnecting 1 plug, without the hassle of a different PCB


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