Over temperature shutdown on drivers 5 6

  • When I connect the new duetx2I have this message "Error: Short-to-ground on drivers 5 6, Error: Over temperature shutdown on drivers 5 6" . I don't use the stepper motor 5 and 6. just the servo output for the bltouch (It works well).

  • administrators

    It sounds like the status of those drivers isn't getting read properly by the Duet. This could indicate a faulty DueX2, a faulty interconnect cable, or just possibly a faulty Duet. Please check the following:

    • When you run M122, what status is shown for drivers 5 and 6?
    • Are the two stepper driver chips on the DueX2 cold or hot?
    • Turn the power off and check that the interconnect cable is securely plugged in to both connectors.


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