Calibration Cube XYZ is off, how to adjust Axis length

  • Hi,
    I have a Tevo Little monster and printed the testcube (, because all of my prints where not really fitting together. I know why now, since I never paid attention on how the WCS was aligned (on a delta it does not matter I thought)
    As i measured all the sides and get the following reading:

    X: 20.2
    Y: 19.99
    Z: 20.01

    As you can see the Y and Z Axis have an acceptable deviation, but X is far off limits.

    My Question is where and how can I feed some correction factors into the machine? gcode?

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    The easy way is But I suggest you measure a print larger than 20mm.

  • Thank you I will print a upscaled hiphop uptodate cube to get accurate settings. Do you think that 100x100x100 is the right dimension?
    all the best

  • Hi, thanks for the response and which leads me to the following questions:


    The easy way is But I suggest you measure a print larger than 20mm.

    … that that does not so directly apply on deltas or am I unright and the wiki does not know the duet3d controller? here is says …

    But this does not work so easily for Delta and other RepRaps for which there is cross-talk between the axe

    please let me know before I print a monster cube 😉

  • I also noticed such deviation on X axis. I didn't dig yet, but is changing the scale the right answer?

    I mean, it can be an extrusion problem, so tuning scale on a 100x100 square won't fix the problem on a 20x20 square.

    So, I suggest you first try to see if it is really a scale problem, by printing a 100x100 square (100x100x2 cube, as you don't need to calibrate Z; even a 100x2x2 should be ok, if you only want to check X), and see if you get something like 101x100x2 (10% more on X).

  • In fact, you can first try to measure the head move with a good ruler, without extruding. 10% of 200mm is 2mm, so easy to see.

  • Hi, I'm talking about a tenth of a millimeter on X, which is way off, since Y and Z only have a hundredth deviation

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    M579 can be used to correct axis scaling on any type of printer. The "this does not work so well for a delta printer" bit refers to adjusting the tower steps/mm instead as described in the preceding sentence.

    You should also check that the X and Y sides of a large cube or square are straight, not bowed inwards or outwards.

  • Duetino, if your problem is really a scaling problem, when moving 200mm you should measure 202mm, which is easy to see. If you still have 0.2mm more, this means this is not a scaling problem! In this case, if you correct the scale for 20mm, a 200mm print will be something to 198.2mm…

    So, first, move your axes as far as you can (200mm), and measure with a ruler.


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