On a running print Homing is allowed?

  • Sorry to may ask a dumb question:

    On a running print i've pressed accidentelly to Home all Axes and wondering why this was possible….

    I know that there may some possible thing why this should be done but from my perspective it would be a better idea to pop up a warning that this should be confirmed, Otherwise it may ruin a running print out of nowwhere...

  • There are lots of buttons you can press to ruin a print. So keep your finger out of the trigger guard unless you're ready to fire 🙂

    Whilst a warning "are you sure you want to do this yes/no" might prevent that problem from occurring, the rest of the time when its really not a problem, it would just annoy you having to press two buttons instead of one.

    Print running or not running the machine will receive a gcode and insert it into the queue (or it will jump the planning queue i.e. kill command) and then execute it, so if you send the machine via console G1 X1 Y1 Z1 whilst printing it will move to those coordinates within 6 or so moves, ruin your print, then move back to where it should have been and try to carry on. Pressing home on paneldue or web interface sends a G28.

    You could make an argument that when a print is in progress you should have to be in a paused state to execute a movement command, but then being able to send commands mid print i..e raise/lower temp, babystep is useful.

  • Well, I think that a few buttons of the GUI should be disabled during a print, to avoid such problems.

    This would no prevent advanced users to send G-Codes though the terminal, which allows to execute macros and so.

  • Thanks for bringing clearance into this DjDemonD!

  • LOL I know I'm joking a bit, maybe there is room for a "safer mode" which could be opted in or out, so that when a print is in progress it disables some functions. I messed one up the other day, having added 2 more thermistors to monitor chamber temps, I defined them as tools, trying to rename then in web interface and selected them in tools config, not realising this selected them for printing, even though they're dummy tools, and turned off my hotend whilst it was printing.

  • In general we need a more or less a mode (indeed configurable via GCode) to confirm any action in the WebIf (or maybe more) via additional prompt. It is bad if a long running print will ruined due to a wrong click. My UPS is useless, cause my electrical circuit seems more stable as my fingers 😉


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