Connecting DuetWifi to other router

  • Hi,

    So I have my duet Wifi connected to my house router. Let's say now, I want to go with the printer to a friend and I want to print there. Witch is the most easiest way to connect my printer to his router?


  • You can have multiple networks saved in your "remembered networks" list. Just add them the same way you added your first one and the printer will connect to the available network.

  • administrators

    If you are running firmware 1.19 or later then it's as the previous post says. If you are running 1.18 or earlier firmware then you will need to upgrade, but read the upgrade notes first because on the Duet WiFi the upgrade from 1.18 to 1.19 is not as straightforward as normal.

  • If you are running 1.18 and don't want to upgrade, once you get to your friends house, simply scan the available Wifi access points with your phone/table/computer. You'll find DuetWifi listed as an AP. Connect to it and open a web browser. You'll be prompted with a page to select the Wifi AP of your friends as well as a place to add the password, if there is one.

  • Ok guys, thanks alot for the answers! I'll do my best and If I'll have problems I'll write here.


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