Z motor only spin one way

  • z motor only spin one way after one of the fan shorted out i checked y,x they seem to work ok,
    any help would be nice

  • What eaxactly happened when you say "fan shorted out"?

    Did Z motor work OK before fan shorting event?

    When you say Z motor only spins one way (after you set in the middle of its range and you send a G91 to set relative positioning), does only one of these two commands produce movement?

    G1 Z10 F1000
    G1 Z-10 F1000

    When Z doesn't move, does the stepper motor noise change?

  • Hi
    the v+ and v- of the fan shorted out for a split second
    the motor was work right before hand
    the motor only spin in one direction (anti-clock-ways) with both commands
    try connecting a different motor, same results
    motor sounds the same before problem

  • administrators

    It sounds to me that the Z stepper driver has failed. When the short circuit was removed, that will have caused a transient on Vin which may have exceeded the 30V rating of the driver.

    For those in the US, forum user W3DRK offers Duet repair service. Or you could use the E1 driver to drive the Z motors if it is not already in use.

  • can I desolder the driver and solder a new one on?


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