Panel Due - Blank Screen

  • Hello,

    I have my duet wifi up and running- and am now starting focus on my 7'' PanelDue. I have erased the board - reset it, and checked the communications port [COM8]:

    I ran Bossac through Command Prompt and get a successful message. However, the USB 3.0 port will not power on the screen in any way - nor will the duet wifi when plugged into the controller.

    I seem to be missing something here - any suggestions on what to try next?


    Simon W.

  • Hello all,

    I tried erasing the firmware - and reloading it following DC42's instructions. I am still not getting anything - not even a glow - from the LCD panel.

    Any idea's on what I could potentially be doing incorrectly?

    Simon W

  • administrators

    Sounds like a hardware fault to me.

  • I continued working on the panel today and measured various voltages to make sure the panel was getting power. With no panel attached I measured the following at a few pins:

    3.3V: 3.292V
    5V: 4.633V
    LED_A: 3.245V

    With the panel attached - the LED_A voltage dropped - presumambly normal as the screen acts as a resitor

    3.3V: 3.285V
    5V: 4.478V
    LED_A: 0.305V

    I held the erase button for 10 seconds followed by a press and release of the reset button and booted up "BOSSA" instead of the Command Prompt. Running through this provided me with a new error: "SAM-BA operation failed" [A screen shot is at the following link]

    After receiving the SAM-BA Operation failed message, I went back to command prompt and ran through the same process as I original did - and received a "verify successful" message again, but still no response from the PanelDue.

    Any other suggestions on troubleshooting before I send the panel back?


    Simon W.

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    Check that you have mated the TFT panel to the control board correctly. It's quite easy to plug them together so that the pins are out of step by 1 pin, in any of the 4 possible directions.

    Assuming that's not the problem, if you bought the PanelDue and the TFT panel together then I suggest you ask your supplier to replace both of them. The fault is probably in the TFT panel, but it's also possible that it's in the controller.

  • administrators

    PS - also check that there is a jumper in the 3.3V position of the voltage selection jumper pins.

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