Painting the bed heater surface for diff IR probbing?

  • Can somebody, please, clarify the requirement for a black surface under the glass?
    I use glass over a heater as a standard configuration for Rostock v2. The heater has some white lettering, should it be painted black, or is it OK to use it as is? Should I use the barbecue paint? If black paper is used, how much does the paper insulate the surface?

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    If the heater is a dark colour and you avoid probing over the white lettering, then it may work as it is.

    A sheet of black paper between the heater and the glass will not affect the heating significantly. I think the glass will have a much higher thermal resistance than the paper.

    One thing I haven't tried yet is spraying the underside of the glass black. If the paint sticks to the glass well enough, it should work even better than b!ack paper.

  • Thanks,
    For now, it seems to be working without modifications, but I will investigate further this weekend. If paper works fine, I will probably do that. I do not think that regular paint will stick to glass, and even if it does, it might be difficult to repair if it starts flaking.

  • Stick some blue painters tape to the bottom of the glass and run some tests. It works fine for me but I'm only currently printing PLA on this machine so don't give it muck heat. Also the black high temp spray (the stuff used for car manifolds) does seem to stick to glass ok.

  • Thanks, perhaps I'll see what kind of paint they have in stores here.

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