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    unable to do anything. board came from filastruder with blank sd card. win 10 64 bit system. many identical cards to this one work fine on system. beyond that issue, there is a major lack in instruction for installation and setup for everything and duet hardware/software use. there isn't even an explaination as how to launch web browser for machine control. is it from the host, repitier ect? how to install the software for web browser? all you get from github a raw and binarys with no installers, just useless files with not instruction to install. Now I see there is instruction on changing and removing file names, ensure files are populated, but what about actually installing them. If you bought any other machine, doc printer scanner, 5 axis cnc vertical milling center like I own, its self install and basic config in software designed to run win mac out of the box. This 3d printer stuff seem so far away from consumer ready it's pain. You have to be very well studied in computer laugage almost an out right programmer to own a 3d printer. It's flat out useless to sell hardwell average user can setup. I bought a duet ethernet board that is now useless to me because I'm not good with computers. I did build a 300 lbs 400x400x360mm printer with daul nema 23 steppers 3 in 1 out nozzle an 3 nema 17 extrudeder with seperate linear rail to travel them separate but together with nozzle. I'm a machinist not a software expert. I think I'm going to scrap what I built because now can build a board regular people can use. I'm just not in the club I guess!

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    I really need an sd card actually read to run this board and ethernet ready to connect. I have no idea what to do first. why can they have a file format the downloads so I can copy paste all the files ready for board in 1 move and connect? Why do we have to do the work the programmers should be doing.

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    I'm sorry your Duet appears to have arrived with a blank SD card. That should not have happened. Please ask Filastruder to supply a new SD card with the correct files on it.

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    they have already refused. They offered return of product instead. Not going to happen. I just need an image download to sd resource. github has scattered file with no down/clone green button option. this whole 3d printer firmware software enviroment is to scattered over complex and no is no reason for it. every other machine type on the planet is auto install and config by simply changing values in plain words. like repiteir host printer settings. read and respond. there a 1000s of files to weed through and no clear path.

  • there is an SD-Image at You will have to tweak it a little like you will have to over write the www folder with the latest DWC have a read of the V1.19 upgrade notes for info on what really needs to be done.



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    Also try the configurator to generate the files to go in the sys directory for your printer

    The SD card structure is explained here:

    As DJD has already said the firmware is available on github:

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    I have added a copy of the latest SD card structure to github here:

  • sjason1377, I sense a great deal of frustration, and you are quite correct that custom builds in the 3D Printer world are quite far away from consumer ready. That is just the nature of the beast. For my own personal experience, I started about a year and a half ago, with an Original Prusa i3 MK1 kit, that while I did assemble myself, it also had instructions that were quite well documented, online support, and a package of components that were all tuned to the build. While I had built decks, outdoor kitchens, and personal computers, this was a whole new area of endeavor for me.

    Jumping into 3D Printing really is something that you need to take in incremental steps and learn as you go. First this is just learning the toolsets, conventions, and terminology, which is no small feat. Your CNC experience is well ahead of anything I've done, but still the jump to a custom build 3D printer of the size and capabilities you mention is quite a chasm to cross and is really jumping into the deep deep end of the pool. From what I know, there are very few commercial 3D printers with the capabilities you identified.

    The 3D printing bug has definitely bit me, and now I'm closing in on my D-Bot build that is 300 x 300 x 300, but even the decision of the architecture to use (corexy) took quite a bit of research and investigation. From there, I then had to land on a final BOM tuned to what I wanted to do, and source everything. All along the way, it was a constant review and internal discussion process to make sure I was on the right track.

    My guess is that you went through a somewhat similar process, although I'm curious how you came up with 300 lbs for the build you mention. I probably have maybe 50lb in my build? I'm assuming you also created a BOM and sourced from hither and yon, which should have been a good indication that you were in territory that depended upon your own light to navigate.

    I'm also using a Duet board, based on recommendations from my research, and have been quite happy with everything it can do and how it is set up. If you haven't seen their wiki,, there is a wealth of information available, but it does assume there is some familiarity with 3D printing and the technology, and given the dynamics of the field, there really isn't anyway for them to provide much more than they already do. These guys do a very good job of providing one piece of a very complex ecosystem for 3D Printing. There are so many variables with hardware, architecture, components, tuning, etc. these guys really can't do anything more than they already do.

    If you haven't already, you might want to do some research on where there are all kinds of similar projects and people you can follow or discuss with. You can also see some of the complexities and challenges people encounter. They might be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

    Good Luck

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    Ok let me first explain that the printer is 100 % machined from cold drawn 1045 steel 190 Lbs. of it. 61 lbs 6061 aluminum and 2 steppers for each axis. 1 on each end pulley to pulley. a seperate rail to move the extruders with the mixing nozzle to keep the bowden lines at 6 inch length. that 9 steppers. kl 5056 5.6 amp drivers 9 of those. all current switched with scrs. 100 amp 12/24 v discrete pwr supply, supplies pc and printer to avoid ground loop. thk 15 square rails and 10mm ball screws on z. built like true cnc. however I can't get z to move no axis will home. hotend works bed heats up and web interface works well. the firmware config doesn't function. forget the setup itself. How about homing any axis. I pluged ing a small stepper to on board driver and redid sd card with reprap config tool. nothing. board can open that file. every thing i tried fails. something is wrong with the way the files are on the card or boot loader is bad. I'm just destoying this build. I should have bolted and extruder to the mill. Its accuate to 1/25000 of the inch a 425 inch a minute. with 23" x 13.5" y 19" z travels plus a, b for 5 axis. 3d printers are real machines there control method are toys poorly designed by people who should have learned from the proven experts from machining center and cnc lathe designers.

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    sjason1377, we're here to help. Can you open the config.g file in the Settings/System Files Editor page of Duet Web Control? If so, please copy and paste your config.g file into a post here. Also please explain - preferably with photos - how you have connected your external stepper drivers to the Duet, and post a link to a datasheet for them.

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    I have uploaded the SD card contents as a zip file as you requested:

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    I will post with pics everything, as soon as I finish working the refueling outage at salem unit 1 nuclear power plant. the past 21 days 12 hour shift back to back with many ml rem dosing has me sick at the moment. I finish with that project on 10/25 Thank, Please excuse my frustrations! Sorry

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    PS - as you are using external drivers, have you read ?


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